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Satellite Industries

Our solutions are carefully tailored to cater any sat-system you can imagine. They offer convenient, easy ways to observe your remote or in-house equipment, manage the satellite data transmissions, gather data, receive alarms and notifications, receive extensive reports and charts and be sure that your signal is delivered as clear and properly relayed. Intorel has been a market leader in the satellite industry software for more than a decade. Some of the most distinguished companies around the world have established our solutions as a part of their daily business (see our references). Our clients, more than anything else verify our outstanding experience and expertise.

Leading satellite operators and service providers around the world are using Visionic for:

  • DVB-S/S2 Uplink/Downlink (TV, RADIO and DATA) stations
  • Large TVRO (TV receive only) systems
  • DSNG Systems (Vans, Truck, and others)
  • VSATs Systems typically including SSPAs, Block Upconverters, Satellite Modems, etc.
  • DVB-T encoding & multiplexing headends for Digital TV stations
  • Fibre optic L-band and IF-band systems
  • Any other satellite systems

Satellite systems are usually consisted of wide range of devices from different manufacturers. Visionic can unify all these different pieces of equipment and present them on a single screen.


Our suite of products can be used for a wide range of purposes (uplink rain fade, spectrum analyzer, and many others) and can cater an organization of any size and complexity. They can be used manage remote sites and portable terminals. Intorel services teams provide project management, systems integration, software development, and support to ensure customers are provided with a solution that delivers results. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.