We provide wide range of Monitoring and Control solutions which can be used for any industrial application that requires reliability, automation and advanced features, regardless of type or size of an organization. In particular, Intorel products have been used for monitoring and controlling satellite earth stations, SNG systems, datacenters, Video and Audio broadcast stations and other broadcast and IT related systems. Simplicity, user-friendly approach and reasonable pricing: these are the three pillars of Intorel’s business policy. Commitment to affordability, without compromising the level of quality is what sets Intorel  apart from the others.


About Visionic


Visionic is the complete Monitoring and Control Platform Solution that can encompass the whole organization, of any type and size. It serves as a basis for a wide range of Intorel products and comes in a variety of editions (Visionic Professional, Visionic Lite, Visionic VSAT, Visionic Lite). Visionic is the answer to multiple, often contradictory requirements of different industries and various market segments. It combines the simplicity of a simple drawing tool and a power of complex M&C solution.


Company Profile


Headquartered in Luxembourg, Intorel conducts business worldwide. Intorel’s solutions are used by hundreds of customers over thousands of sites across every continent. Its workforce is consisted of experienced, highly motivated professionals from all around the World. Intorel SARL has been founded in 2001 as Limited Liability Company. By the end of 2002 the company’s flagship product – Visionic was out on the market.


Client Success


Some of the most distinguished companies around the world have established Intorel solutions as a part of their daily business. SES Group, Telenor, NATO, CBC and many others have recognized the company’s outstanding experience and expertise.

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Service Partners

service-par-imgIntorel Service Partner program provides many ways to differentiate your business and pursue progress and profitability for your company. In order to become Certified Service Partner, you are required to complete a full training program, chosen from an array of proposed courses and certifications in order to get a full grasp of both theory and application of Intorel products and its features. Partnership with Intorel can provide you with the highest levels of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and hands-on skills.