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Visionic 5.2: Listening To Your Feedback

Intorel is announcing the latest version of its industry standard software for monitoring and controlling systems: Visionic 5.2.

Based on requirements and feedback we tried to increase the user’s experience with this update.

More than 15 new device drivers were added so that the library is always kept up to date.
The alarm center has been adjusted as to increase the precision of all actions and macros that have been set up.

We have improved the SNMP template builder, such as the drag-drop support, sorting of the variables and similar.

Besides, the license detection mechanism has been changed, meaning that hardware changes, such as change of MAC address, do not affect the license.

Visionic 5.2 provides integration of all your subsystems into a single, convenient solution.

From there, you can detect, connect and operate your remote or in-house equipment in any way you can possibly imagine.

Since 2002, the very first launch of the first version of Visionic, the product has been carefully revised and improved, as to become what it is today - industry standard, proven by hundreds of systems and recommended by the most distinguished companies around the world.

Visionic 5.2 update is available as of 16th October 2012. The upgrade is free of charge for all clients with valid maintenance contract.

Everyone can download a demo version of Visionic 5.2 using simple registration procedure.

Updates include alarm centre level coloring, improvements on SNMP template builder, new device drivers, and more.

Follow the link for the full list of  Visionic 5.2 Release Notes

Visionic is designed to be used by any industrial monitoring, controlling and automating application that requires reliability, automation and advanced features.

In particular, Visionic products have been used for: DVB-S/S2 Satellite Uplink Stations, VSAT Systems, TVRO Systems, Fixed and Mobile Microwave Links, DSNG Systems, Fiber Optic Systems, DVB-T Encoding & Multiplexing Head-ends, ATM/SDH/PDH/IP Transport Networks and IPTV Head-ends.