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Visionic 5.4 – Update that makes a difference!

The latest version of Intorel’s cutting-edge monitoring and control solution, Visionic 5.4, has arrived.

This new version contains various new features and improvements, which makes it possible for Visionic to load and run faster and for the user to execute his tasks quicker and more efficiently.


As in previous Visionic versions, our clients’ feedback is essential for us as it shows us what their needs are and helps us to enhance Visionic according to the different requirements.

New alarm action center

New GUI for alarm actions that allows user-defined rules, new features such as email notification for specific alarm, fully changeable on each client, but saved and managed centrally on the server.

Alarm Actions

The new "Alarm Actions" options will alow you to adapt your M&C to all your operational needs.

New Visionic redundancy control software option

We are now offering Visionic server redundancy option consisting of two fully independent Visionic servers configured in a redundant setup, controlled by Visionic Watchdog Redundancy Control Software on a separated machine.

Higher reliability and safety for every modern operation.

SNMP drivers at higher speed

New equipment requires higher speed. We have improved and speed up our SNMP interpreter for SNMP based equipment to fulfill the demand of higher number of devices being requested to serve simultaneously in modern networks.

Tested compatibility with new GCV

The new developed Visionic GCV web application has been tested and optimized to work with Visionic 5.4. Therefore, Visionic 5.4 will be the best choice to run in the new GCV environment.


As we keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and due to the new developed features in Visionic 5.4, .NET Framework 4.5 should be installed on the server computer, in order for them to fully work.

Visionic’s device drivers’ library has similarly been greatly increased with new drivers to keep it up-to-date and to service more and more manufacturers by supporting new device drivers. Some of the new developed drivers are:

Ericsson AVP 3000 Encoder (First M&C driver for the newly introduced API of Ericsson's AVP 3000 Encoder (first M&C driver for the newly introduced API of Ericsson's), Work Redundancy Controller, Advent DVE5100, Advent IRD5100, CPI T04UO Red, CPI SSPA IDU BCIP, CPI SSPA S4UI, CPI T22-CI Red, Dantherm ACUE 3000, ETL switch Matrix 23180, GD Satcom, ACU IPL900 serie, Hawkeye B082, Radyne DMD20, Radyne RCS11, Comtech EF Data DM240XR, Comtech EF Data MBT-5000, Comtech EF Data LBC-4000A, Novella UPC3000, NWIEE ACU 39107-DT, PALS PAC-450 ACU, Peak Communication UP/Down 7000, Specialty Microwave LNA Controller, Specialty Microwave Switch Controller 10909, Specialty Microwave Switch Controller 8514, Specialty Microwave Switch Controller 8782, Specialty Microwave Switch Controller 4360, Specialty Microwave Switch Controller 12020, and many others.

Visionic 5.4 is available, free of charge, to all our clients who have a valid Service Level Contract covering an existing Visionic 5 generation system and to all who purchased Visionic 5.x in the last 6 months.


If you would like to learn more about the new features and improvements of Visionic 5.4 and how you can download it (if upper requirements met), contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .