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We are proud to present Visionic5 Professional by INTOREL - the only telecom-grade monitoring and controlling (M&C) solution that can encompass almost whole organization. Everything from the input stages – basebands and re-multiplexing, to the output stages – uplinks or any other – in front of you, on a single screen. 

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With Visionic5 Professional you can detect, connect and operate your remote or in-house equipment any way you can possibly imagine. Visionic5 Professional can be used with diverse equipment and hundreds of device drivers manufactured by well-known companies such as Cisco, Newtec, ASC Signal, Advantech, CPI, ND SatCom, Vertex, Codan, Comtech, ETL Evertz, MCL, Miteq Mitec, Peak Paradise, Radyne, Rhodes & Schwartz, Tandberg and many others.  


Visionic5 Professional is based on a very simple idea – the engineer draws the system and this drawing is compiled into the standalone, client-server solution. Visionic sophisticated GUI, based on Microsoft Visio® contains libraries with hundreds of devices to allow you a simple “drag and drop” of selected device into your system design. Clear, uninterrupted and properly relayed signal is the very essence of quality broadcasting. We are truly dedicated to this goal.

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The demo version demonstrates full capabilities of Visionic5, with some restrictions:

  •           Only a subset of device drivers is included
  •           There is a limitation of 6x devices per system
  •           User can run the program in real-time mode for 1 hour max
  •           The demo version is limited to 30 days

 download visionic demo


          If you decide to purchase the Visionic Lite version (with X device drivers), only enter license keys and the copy is fully functional

          If you decide to purchase Visionic Frontline / Visionic Professional, you should uninstall the demo version. After purchase of these products you will be supplied with alternative / full setups for these projects.

Visionic Online

 Founded on the well-known Intorel’s Visionic and powerful Microsoft Silverlight, Visionic online pretends to redefine the boundaries of the M&C system.

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 Visionic online is the revolutionary new tool of monitoring and control of satcom, broadcast and many other  industries, which enables the you, for the first time, to design and run your M&C system either locally, or over the Internet. This application is beyond comparison in terms of simplicity of the design, sheer ruggedness of the software, and unparalleled ease of use. With easy and stable web access to the installation project, engineer logs in to the project like as if he or she logs into personal blog.
 Visionic online boasts the revolutionary UI, which requires only an Internet access, redefining the world of the M&C system design. Built on Microsoft’s most reliable application development tools, Visionic online promotes stability, scalability, reliability, and performance. Visionic online delivers engaging experiences through all the major browsers on Mac, Windows, and Linux client operating systems, mobile devices such as Windows Phone 7, Nokia Series 60 and set top boxes.
 To find out more about Visionic online and try it for free, please visit
Visionic Online Preview:

Visionic Spectrum Analyzer 2.0


LATEST from INTOREL: The Visionic Spectrum Analyzer (VSA) 2.0  is a plug-in and standalone software solution for universal monitoring and controlling of any spectrum analyzing instrument. It allows you to control several instruments (installed remotely) through any kind of a network. 



The software includes all the features of the physical, hardware SA device, but is enhanced with a broad range of intelligent add-ons. The signal graph appears on your monitor just like on your physical device. Moreover, it presents command buttons from the instrument, allowing you to control the physical SA remotely. SA unifies the graphical representation of various equipment, thus making the switching of the equipment transparent to the operator.

Spectrum Analyzer Preview:

Uplink Power Control

It is a well-known fact that poor weather conditions can seriously affect data transfer, including satellite transmissions, broadcasts or telecommunications.

Signal fading, colloquially called “rain fade”, occurs as a result of the signal absorption by atmospheric rain, snow or ice. It can also be caused by a degradation of signal strength due to the electromagnetic interference of the leading edge of a storm front.

Intorel succeeded to overcome signal fade by introducing Uplink Power Control – UPC, the integrated power control and monitoring system specifically designed for uplinks.

 Thanks to the Intorel UPC, continuous signal transmission in no longer an issue, in spite of heavy storms, monsoon rains or any other adverse weather condition.

Uplink Power Control Preview:

System requirements:

  • 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 70 MB HD space
  • Windows 7 and Window 2008
  • .NET Framework 4

Setting up connection

Connection setup is done in SA server GUI. When you open SA server window, on the ‘General’ tab, you will find ‘combobox’ where SA device model can be selected.

To configure connection details, simply select desired tab (LAN, VISA or SERIAL), and then fill the available fields with the correct data.

On the same tab there is checkbox ‘Start in demo mode’ in which you choose to run demo or real-time mode.

By clicking ‘Apply’ button configuration will be saved and driver will be reloaded (this operation takes about 15 seconds). 


Setting up logging option

By clicking on the tab ‘Logging options’, user can setup parameters related to logging process of SA.

SA server logs trace and state parameters to log files on HD using SQLite database. If you do not specify ‘Log File Path’, SAserver will log to its default location, which is “C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Roaming\SALogs”.

In ‘Log Length’ ‘numbox’, number of days that will be logged is specified. There is also the option to stop logging or to reinitialize logging which will delete all current log files. 


Network Architecture

The Visionic system, during runtime, uses client-server architecture.

visionic - simplified

The physical medium between the client and the server can be a LAN, WAN, Internet, RS232 line, modem line, satellite connection or any other medium that supports TCP/IP.

The workstation in the network center can execute multiple graphical clients. The number of the clients that can be executed is limited only by the size of the memory of the workstation itself.

To give an idea, a PC with 256Mb RAM can execute (monitor and control) 10-15 clients without any perceivable performance loss.

One server can serve multiple clients (> 16) with no performance impact.

Visionic system gives special consideration to networking needs. The final system can be monitored and controlled from a wide variety of locations such as control rooms and remote locations, using LAN, telephone line, WAN or Internet backbone.

Bandwidth requirements

The Visionic system only needs very narrow network bandwidth to transfer its information to the GUI workstation.

Typically, a 9600 bps link is sufficient to have near-real time performance.

This allows clients to be work correctly even if they are connected via telephone or even GSM line. For further details, refer to Visionic_bandwidth_requirements.pdf document.


System requirements

Minimum system requirements necessary to design and run your Visionic5 system is specified below:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 64/32 bits, Windows 2008 64/32 bits
  • Memory:256 MB min, 1GB recommended
  • CPU: Intel, AMD
  • Additional software: .NET framework 3.5 SP1, Microsoft Visio 2003, 2010 (required for design), Internet Explorer 9



Visionic Scheduler is a network management solution that enables you to effectively schedule transmissions, manage content distribution and plan re-occurring operations in complex, distributed systems.



The Visionic Scheduler system is particularly suitable for news organizations, SNG operators and satellite operators. In particular, it can be used for scheduling: Satellite transmissions using allocated or ad-hoc satellite space, transfer of content between different stations, scheduling clear and/or encrypted transmissions, scheduling maintenance operations, scheduling manual or automatic backup operations and many other purposes.

It is a state-of-the-art graphical scheduling and reservation solution, fully distributed and suitable for almost any kind of scheduling or booking system.

Scheduler Preview:

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