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Compare the Licenses

Description Professional Frontline VSAT
General features
Number of devices Unlimited 7+ 7
Design subsystem Compiles Visio schemas into Visionic projects Yes Yes No
Device drivers Visio shapes and templates required to create Visionic projects All All Subset
Rack view in Visio Visio shapes for the rack-based equipment. Visio-based dashboard and front-plate device compiler Yes Yes Yes
Hardware schematic wizard Create hardware schematic from the Visionic project as Visio drawing Yes Yes Yes
Device drivers
SNMP subsystem Monitoring and control of all devices offering SNMP connectivity Yes Yes Yes
MODBUS subsystem MODBUS TCP/IP connection toward Moxa remote modules and other MODBUS-compatible devices. MODBUS configuration utility included Unlimited 1 1
XML and HTTP subsystem Screen-scraping, HTTP or XML data sources. XML or REGEX transformation / import into Visionic system Yes Yes No
Spectrum analyzer Standalone and/or embedded into Visionic project, client/server architecture, GUI client, 40 kbps/2 traces per sec bandwidth, one zear AVI movie capture & record Yes Option Option
Telecom device drivers Device drivers with costum prorocols fot Telecom industry All All Selected
Server-related features
Visionic Server High performance server device polling up to 50x per second, up to 1024 devices Yes Yes Yes, 7 devices
Hardware connections Connection Visionic server to various hardware interfaces All All All
Loggin Logging to SQLite database up to one year, recycling Yes Yes Yes
Macros Macro Recorder and Editor for managing macros; high-speed macro execution; export macros as VBScript files Yes Yes Yes
Automation Automatically execute actions and macros based on conditions in real time Yes Yes 3 max
Scheduling Scheduling of actions and macros - repeating or one time tasks Yes Yes No
Trending and charting Trending and charting of any real time parameters in the system. Bromsed based reporting Yes Yes Yes
Web services SNMP agent Device drivers exposed as SOAP web service Yes Yes No
SNMP agent Transforms Visionic server into SNMP agent. Exposes real time data of non-SNMP devices. Auto-generate MIB for the project. Yes No No

Description Professional Frontline VSAT
Client-related feature
Visionic client Fast, modern GUI client with attractive gradient elements and real-time color coding of devices and paths, shows, the realtime data. User interaction via mouse or touchscreen Unlimited nlimited Local only
Remote connection TCP/IP Remotely-connected client over IP network with low bandwidth. Royalty free, can be installed on all workstation in the system Yes Yes Only from Visionic5 hub
Alarm Center Ultra-fast alarm center with user acknowledgement comment data entry and custom actions. Can play sound or speak the text when alarm arrives. Five different alarm levels with its own distinctive colors Yes Yes Yes
Client scripting VBScript-based client scripts provide costum Yes Yes Yes
Indicators Over 30 custum indicators for GUI dashboards: led bars, sliders, switches.. Yes Yes Limited
Custom dialogs Create or modify dialogs used for devices. Localized dialogs for foregin languages. Personalizing and branding yes Yes Yes
Custom tags Expand any device in the system with custom properties that can be used real time Yes Yes Yes
Other features
Visionic DDK C/C++ / VS2008 based Device Driver Devlopment Kit, two sample drivers, documents & libraries Yes No No
System diagnostics client Realtime debugging data; replacment for DbgView; shows notifications from client. Allows user to fine-tune the system and bandwidth betweeen client and server Yes Yes Yes
License License for single server or devlopment computer. Remote workstation royalty free Per computer Per computer Per computer
Demo simulators Simulation of value changes in demo mode; includes also alarm simulators to simulate device alarms Yes Yes No
SNMP explorer Generic SNMP explorer helps user build SNMP templates quickly Yes Yes Yes
Visionic Launcher One-stop Visionic dashboard with all functions in one place Yes Yes Yes
Design and operators help Help file with over 800 pages covering all aspects of Visionic from tutorial for designing the first system until operating runtime systems Yes Yes Yes
Examples Online examples showing different functions of Visionic system Yes Yes Yes
Support Forums Support forums with our enginers providing answers in vibrant, professional environement Yes Yes No
Custom device drivers Custom device drivers for holders of valid Framework Agreement With Valid FA agreement Custom services Custom services
Tech support Engineering and tech support with your systems. Remote connection, email and telephone connection, max next business day 6x months free 6x months free No