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In-depth description of Scheduler features and benefits, accompanied by screenshots




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Scheduler - Key features

Key benefits   Features

  • minimizes the operator's interaction with the system
  • provides an easy news gathering, sport event scheduling or equipment monitoring
  • comprehensive reporting that reflects the usage of the resources and the overall state of the system
  • execution of the schedule on heterogeneous network systems
  • flexible booking and execution across multiple time zones
  • off-the-shelf universal solution applicable to any system
  • scalability
  • easy to integrate with third party systems

Execution of the scheduled tasks
The Visionic scheduler schedules and executes operations across distributed systems. The system supports arbitrary scheduling of web services on any heterogeneous network. Because of this approach, it can be used for creating, modification, maintenance and execution of any kind of time-based operations.

Color coding display
The Visionic Scheduler GUI introduces color coding to present the state of the reservations: pending, in progress, error occurred and so on. These color codes allow user to quickly comprehend the current status of the complete system, diagnose problems and reschedule operations if needed.

Ad-hoc reservations
The Visionic Scheduler can also be used to schedule ad-hoc operations, using resources shared among multiple users, for example to make a reservation of the ad-hoc satellite space directly from a satellite operator. Such operations are extremely useful for scheduling news, sporting events and other satellite-related SNG operations.

Graphical User Interface
The Visionic Scheduler GUI has been made in cooperation with users to provide the most sophisticated user interface. It allows quick booking of the reservation, the minimal interaction from the user and four different system views – transmissions per channel/per day; schedule per resource/remote asset.

Web-based reporting
The Visionic Scheduler captures the vital business data, such as usage performance, maintenance or invoicing data and transforms them to reports, thus allowing external users (typically from the outside network) to connect to the internal LAN and obtain data about their stations or reservations without breaching security. For example, a driver of the SNG van can access its daily / weekly schedule using a modern web-browser enabled phone or laptop. The journalist can check her assignments from an Internet cafe… By using web-based approach for the reports, the infrastructure is secured against erroneous and/or unauthorized access while providing the easiest possible way for the people on the field to access their data.

Predefined scheduling configurations
In order to facilitate the user interaction, a specific set of parameters and reservation data can be saved as a specific configuration. This allows user to apply the complete set of the parameters and basically define the complete reservation using a single mouse click. The administrator of the system can, of course, modify reservations if needed.

Parametric reservations
The aim of the Visionic Scheduler is to provide a universal way to make and execute reservations. One of the key factors for achieving this goal was user-defined reservation parameters. The reservation parameters can be specified by the user or calculated on the fly and then transferred to the remote stations during the execution of the schedule. The example parameters include encryption keys, power levels, transmission/reception parameters, and so on.

Commanding 3rd party systems
Visionic Scheduler can be used with any third party system. It transfers data to standardized, modern systems, or to custom and closed-box systems, by using a number of different transmission methods (SOAP method, HTTP or Windows-based).

Distributed architecture

The Visionic Scheduler system is a truly distributed network system. It allows GUI clients and/or other systems to easily connect and obtain information about the reservations anyplace, anytime. Number of GUI workstations is unlimited and they are royalty free.

The security is an integral part of the Scheduler. Using access-level based security, via username and the password the system will recognize the user and allow operations based on his rights. Additional security is enabled by secure protocols, such as HTTPS, which authenticates both the server and the workstation from where the request is coming.

Visionic integration
Although it is a standalone application, the Scheduler can be tightly integrated with the Visionic stations. Naturally, the Visionic systems and Visionic Scheduler provide a complete network management and scheduling solution for multiple sites, uplink stations, SNG vans, VSAT terminals and similar. The integration is seamless and requires minimal set up for any kind of the satellite transmition and/or receive solution.