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Video Head-end Management System

As Triple Play services over broadband and mobile networks converge with traditional broadcast services, Intorel provides a Visionic video head-end management system which enables broadcasters and network operators to reduce operational costs and ensure the highest quality of service (QOS) for their customers. In order to meet the needs and requirements of millions of people around the world, TV service providers must be able to deliver voice, video and data services, anywhere, anytime. 

 "As a result of our vast expertise in head-ends and networks, we are happy to propose a world class, innovative product – Intorel Video Head-End."

Our Video head-end solution offers perfect balance of economy, reliability and quality. It is easy to operate (regarding installation, configuration and maintenance); highly flexible for upcoming standards and reasonably priced.

This solution offers delivery of a high-quality video experience to your subscribers. It is capable of both receiving and processing signals from all types of available sources and delivery of the content and interactive services all the way to the end-users. Whether implementing DVB, IP or hybrid DVB/IP solution, we can offer the right services for your needs and can help with every step of the project from designing and implementation to the system testing and support. 


Our state-of-the art video head-end, will give your company the best-in-class video quality, superior bandwidth efficiency, and industry-leading flexibility in a modular, scalable design.

Through the combination of IP and video processing know-how, and service and network understanding, we can offer you a well-integrated and service-minded solution portfolio that makes it possible to build and run better networks, eventually creating an economical advantage for your company.


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